Underground Warriors - Lamden NFT Game
Soccer Lamdenship - Soccer Game on Lamden
Underground Warriors - Lamden NFT Game
Rocketswap - DeFi Trading Platform
With Lamden you can build 
Next-Gen Games
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No Jargon. No Nonsense. Just a simple developer experience that helps you build the next generation of blockchain powered smart apps.

The Lamden Infinite Hackathon is here. Up to $400 in rewards for building innovative apps on the Lamden Blockchain.

Build what's next

In just a few lines of code, you can start building something incredible.
Don’t believe us? Here’s how.

Meet the Lamden Toolset

Flexible tools that help you build things faster.

Build and Deploy Smart Contracts

Python – Build and Deploy Smart Contracts in minutes from within the browser. 

Python – Build, Deploy and Interact with smart contracts faster with Python Contracting.

Interact with the Lamden Wallet Browser Extension

Javascript  – Easily connect to the Lamden Wallet and your smart contracts from within the users browser.

Javascript – Interact with the Lamden Wallet API via a webpage with a modern callback/promise workflow.

Interact with the Lamden Blockchain Directly

Javascript – Generate Wallets and Easily interact with the Lamden Blockchain.

Unity – Connect your Game to the Blockchain in minutes. 

Get information from the blockchain with an easy to use REST API.

With Lamden, It's possible

Learn how businesses and developers all over the world are creating exciting dApps on the Lamden Ecosystem.

Learn the process

Conceptualise your app and learn how the toolset can help make your application a reality faster than on any other blockchain.

1. Plan your app

With developers currently receiving 90% of all transaction fees, you can monetise your application from Day 1 with ease.

Think about monetisation, what will be done on and off-chain, and what technologies you’ll use to build your frontend.

Build python smart contracts as your applications backend. And do as little, or as much processing on the blockchain as you’d like.

Build in monetization, game mechanics, tokens, DeFi elements or anything you can think of with Python.

3. Build your frontend

Build your front-end using Unity, Python, Javascript, or go all out and interact with the REST API to build an incredible frontend for your Smart Contract.