Masternode API Wrapper 🔗︎

Network API Endpoints 🔗︎

All API methods return a value, Promise or callback if provided

method masternode endpoint Description
getContractInfo(contractName) /contracts/contractName Returns the contract code of contractName example
getVariable(contractName, variableName, parms) /contracts/contractName/variableName?key=parm Retrieve the current state of a contract variable example
getContractMethods(contractName) /contracts/contractName/methods Returns all methods belonging to contractName example
pingServer() /ping Checks if network is online example
getCurrencyBalance(vk) /contracts/currency/balances A wrapper method for getVariable() which always returns the result of the currency contract's balances?key=vk example
contractExists(contractName) /contracts/contractName a wrapper method for getContractInfo() which returns if a contract exists on the blockchain
sendTransaction(txData, callback) / submits a contract to the network a txHash will be returned. Use checkTransaction() to get tx result
getNonce(senderVk, callback) /nonce/senderVk Get the current nonce and processor for a public key (vk)
checkTransaction(txHash, callback) /tx?hash=txHash Get the result of a transaction