Run State and Run Smart Contract Methods

Query Smart Contract State #

  1. Open the smart contract from the Blockchain.
  2. Scroll down to the Get Current State section, below the IDE window.
  3. In the Variable Name box enter the variable or hash you want to query from the smart contract.
  4. If this is a Hash Variable then you will need to supply the key in the key(s) box.
    • If this is a normal Variable then leave this box empty.
  5. Click the RUN button beside the Get Current State heading.

If there is a value returned from the blockchain then it will be populated in the ... - Current State box.

Run Smart Contract Methods #

  1. Open the smart contract from the Blockchain.
  2. Scroll down the the Contract Methods section, below the IDE window.
  3. Find the box with the method you wish to run.
  4. Enter all of the values for the method properties.
    • The type of value required is in brackets next to the name of the argument.
  5. Click the RUN button beside method name.
  6. Select the wallet account that will run this method.
    • The wallet account must have TAU to pay the transaction cost
  7. If a wallet with TAU was selected the Stamp Limit box will automatically populate.
  8. Validate:
    • Contract Name
    • Funtion (method name)
    • All argument values are correct
  9. Click the CONFIRM TRANSACTION button
  10. Click OK when the Send Transaction popup appears.
Updated on February 3, 2021