With Lamden it's all possible.

Underground Warriors

Underground Warriors is an exciting up-and-coming Lamden NFT Fighting Game. Where NFT Characters battle it out in thrilling real-time fighting matches. 

Every NFT character has to its control one of the power elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) this allows it 3 abilities for use in battle.

Level up, create a fight strategy, face your friends and enemies, earn some dirty money, buying and selling in the black market, and just maybe, become the tournament legend.

Rocketswap is a community Automated Market Maker allowing users to easily trade tokens on the Lamden Blockchain.

The model incorporates a fixed supply, released by yield farming as well as a deflationary mechanism provided by a token burn which is baked into the protocol’s fee mechanics.

The platform allows you to wrap Ethereum and trade it with Rocketswap on the Lamden Blockchain.