The Lamden Infinite Bounty is here:

Build something cool on the Lamden Blockchain and get paid $400*

Whether you’re building your first dApp or your fortieth, building on Lamden is simple because all of the development skills you have from creating traditional apps translate straight over. And if you know python, you’re already halfway there — the Lamden Blockchain is built on Python, the world’s fastest growing language.

Even if you’re new to programming, Python is simple and once you know core programming concepts, it can be learned quickly online.

Technology should empower everyone to get a fair chance. That’s why we built Lamden. Lamden is an application development and deployment platform that allows developers to create something great, publish it, and monetize it instantly. Our system uses blockchain and smart contracts to do this where 90% of the transaction fees are returned to the developer, meaning that you now have a way to turn your code into revenue.

To make this even more attractive, we’re offering an ongoing bounty for new developers to jump in and build the future of dApps on Lamden.

What it is:

  • Code a blockchain application in python, using the Contracting python library.
  • Build a working front-end for your applcation in Unity (Game Engine), HTML5, Java or NodeJS.
  • Build something innovative on the Lamden Blockchain.
  • Learn how to secure your application so it will be resistant to hackers and bad actors.
  • Earn $200 cash and $200 of Lamden TAU.
  • Build your dApp with the support of our development community.

Who is this for:

  • Anyone who has an interest in blockchain and some basic knowledge of software development.


  • You can develop an application in any subject matter you want.
  • You must deploy a smart contract to the Lamden network.
  • You must create a front-end to interact with your smart contract.
  • The application must be live on the Internet for the public to use.
  • You must claim your bounty within 2 weeks of the smart contract submission on Lamden mainnet.
  • The application must work.
  • The application must be usable by the public.
  • The submission cannot be made in ‘bad faith’ to simply claim the reward for an application that has no value to users of the Lamden ecosystem.

Our Tech Stack

  • The system is written in Python.
  • Smart contracts are written in Python.
  • We have a Javascript, Java, and C# front-end plugin.
  • We like to develop front-ends in Svelte. You can use whatever you’d like!

Getting Started

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build something incredible together!

Our development community is active on Discord and Telegram and can help get you started!

To claim, visit the #bounty discord channel.