A performant blockchain with low fees

With Lamden it's all possible.

The Lamden Infinite Hackathon is here. Up to $400 in rewards for building innovative apps on the Lamden Blockchain.

A Brand New Blockchain that Solves Everything

Lamden is a brand new blockchain that was made solely based on improving the developer’s experience. It’s built on python so you can get started programming today. Our code is 100% written from scratch to make sure that all aspects are designed with ease of use in mind.

Focus on what's important

Like a builder uses a hammer, the tools you use to develop should only be a means to creating a new product. Not only did we choose Python, we designed the system ‘for Humans’ and takes a page from other brilliantly designed systems.

Lamden supports your craft

Developers receive 90% of all transaction fees that are processed through their smart contracts. This allows you to generate revenue automatically from any application you build with us without adding a backend or payment processing.

  • Payouts are in our native cryptocurrency TAU.
  • Rewards are automatically updated in your Lamden Wallet.
  • The most popular applications get the most rewards.

What's possible on Lamden


Fast transaction times and a global database allow you to make & monetise massive multiplayer games and applications faster.

Tokens and Assets

Track values, implement payment networks or sell NFTs without the hassle. In-Game Currencies, NFTs, Casino Chips, and more. All easily developed with Lamden.

DeFi Applications

Develop cutting-edge decentralised finance applications on Lamden with far less work.

Build what's next

In just a few lines of code, you can start building something incredible.
Don’t believe us? Here’s how.