Backing up your Lamden Vault Accounts 🔗︎

At no point does the Lamden Vault do an Automatic Backup. All backups are MANUAL and the user's responsibility.

When to backup 🔗︎

A backup must be created EVERY TIME a new legacy account is added to your Lamden Vault.

Backup Options 🔗︎

There are a couple of ways to backup your Lamden Vault Accounts and either will allow you restore an account later:

  1. View Recovery Phrase
  2. A unique 24-word phrase which connected to your funds.
  3. Backup legacy accounts. This will create Keystore File
    • This is an encrypted file that contains the keypairs associated with your account
  4. View Secret Keys
    • Some people prefer to write the secret keys down manually and store them offline

These are the only ways to backup your accounts.

Backing up Linked Accounts 🔗︎

A Keystore file will include the keypairs for your Linked Accounts but the Dapp association will be lost.

When the Linked Account keypairs are restored you can follow this process to re-link you account to the Dapp.