Change your wallet password 🔗︎


Lamden is not responsible for lost or stolen keys or keystores 🔗︎

How To Change Password 🔗︎

  1. Login to Lamden Vault
  2. Click Account Settings on the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the CHANGE PASSWORD button.
  4. Enter the current password in the Confirm Current Password box.
  5. Create a new strong password to with the following rules and enter it in the New Password box:
    • Is 10 or more characters in length
    • Has 1 lowercase letter
    • Has 1 uppercase letter
    • Has 1 number
    • Has 1 special character
  6. Enter the same password again in the Confirm New Password box.
  7. Click the CHANGE PASSWORD button.
  8. Wait until you find the DONE button which means the password has been changed successfully and then click it to finish the process.