Create an Advanced Smart Contract Transaction 🔗︎


  1. Click, Accounts on the left-hand wallet menu.
  2. Click the account you want to send the transaction from.
  3. Click the SEND TX button.
  4. Click the "Click Here To Send An Advanced Transaction" text button
  5. Validate correct account is selected in the Select Account to Send From dropdown.
  6. If the account you selected has a TAU balance then the Stamp Limit will automatically populate.
  7. Enter the name of the contract you are tying to call in the Enter Contract Name field.
  8. From the Choose Functions to Run box select the function on the contract you wish to execute.
  9. In the Transaction Arguments section, enter the values for each argument the function expects.
    • Each argument expects a specific type of data. That type is in brackets beside the name of the argument.

Transaction Results 🔗︎

image After sending the transaction through the wallet you will be provided the result of the transaction and how many stamps were deducted from your account as a result of the transaction.

Stamps are deducted on the success or failure of a transaction.

See the Transaction Results section to get more results from your transaction.